Bates County Missouri

Juvenile Office

Bates County Courthouse
PO Box 52
1 North Delaware
Butler  MO  64730
Office: (660)679-4434
Office: (660)679-0020
Fax: (660)679-5119

M. Brandon Baker– Juvenile and Family Court Judge

Deborah Powell – Chief Juvenile Officer 
Anthony Evans-Chief Deputy Juvenile Officer
Anissa Harris – Deputy Juvenile Officer
Pat Miller – Secretary
Steven Faris – Juvenile Officer
Jennifer Schaller – Community Service Director
Ruana Gladfelter – Youth Specialist

The Bates County Juvenile Court is a division of the 27th Judicial Circuit Court of Missouri which includes Henry, Bates, and St. Clair Counties. The purpose is to facilitate the care, protection, and discipline of youth who come under the jurisdiction of the Juvenile Court.  This is accomplished through balancing the best interest of children, accountability, and community protection.

Referrals to the Juvenile Court fall under three categories:

  • DELINQUENT REFERRALS: These are the result of an offense committed by youth 16 years of age or younger, who would be in violation of the Missouri Criminal Code if the offense had been committed by an adult.
  • STATUS REFERRALS: These are the result of acts committed by youth 16 years of age or younger that only apply to juveniles.  For example: Truancy, Habitually Absent from the Home Without Cause or Justification, Beyond Parental Control, or engaging in Behaviors Injurious to Self or Others.
  • ABUSE and NEGLECT REFERRALS: These are the result of allegations or substantiated investigations regarding children age 17 or younger who are the victims of abuse or neglect in need of the care and protection of the court.

Referrals come from many different sources including Law Enforcement, Missouri Children’s Division, Schools, Parents, Relatives, Private Agencies, Citizens, and other Juvenile Courts.