Bates County Missouri

Towns in the County

Bates County Towns City Population Phone                           Website ADRIAN 1582 816-297-2659 City of Adrian on facebook AMORET 212 660-925-3200 AMSTERDAM 237 660-267-3627 BUTLER 4099 660-679-4182 DREXEL 971 816-619-2323 FOSTER 161 HUME 287 660-643-7111 MERWIN 75 PASSAIC 34 RICH HILL 1317 417-395-2223 City of Rich Hill ROCKVILLE 193


Tourism in Bates County Bates County, Missouri is rich in local history.  From the first settlers who came as missionaries to the Osage Indians, through the turbulent Civil War years to more recent times, Bates County has a tremendous heritage.   Bates County Museum          In 1961, the Bates County Historical Society […]